Frequently Asked Questions

What are average timings for the development process to be carried out? 
The approximate average lead time for the different stages of the process are as follows: Sampling (3-5 weeks), Ingredients sourcing (up to 1 week), Pre-Production (2 weeks), First Order (3-7 weeks).

What is the average costing for my sauce?
Sauce Shed provides customised pricing for each sauce based on the specific ingredients and requirements of bottle or jar size. As an approximate indication based on a 150ml bottle, filled, labelled and with tamper seal:

Sample BBQ1.451.331.

What are the minimum order requirements?
The minimum order requirement for Sauce Shed is flexible but tends to start at 100 units or 25kgs and is based on your specific needs.

What is private label ?
Private label sourcing is when a customer partners with Sauce Shed to develop a unique sauce product using their own branding and labelling.

What is white label?
White label is when a customer sells a product that is produced by Sauce Shed, but with their own branding and labelling. This allows the customer to sell a product that they did not create, but with the assurance that it was produced by a trusted and reliable source.

Are you able to assist with marketing?
Yes, Sauce Shed offers additional support and services, including branding development, web development, product photography, social media support, social influencer reach, online catalogue assistance, retail introductions, and more.

Are you able to ship internationally?
Yes, Sauce Shed is able to ship internationally.

How am I able to contact Sauce Shed initially and going forward?
 You can contact Sauce Shed initially by calling them at +44(0)1234 851481 or by filling out the contact form on the website. Going forward, you can communicate with your Sauce Shed account manager through email or phone.

How are you going to ensure recipes and details are kept privately and confidentially?
Sauce Shed will sign a Mutual NDA with the customer to ensure that recipes and details are kept confidential.

What is the general shelf life for the products that you make?
The general shelf life we aim for is 12-18months but this would be covered during development.

Are you able to create barcodes?
Yes, Sauce Shed is able to assign SKU codes and barcodes to the your product(s).

Can you assist with label and packaging?
Yes, Sauce Shed is able to create labels, product shots, and packaging for your products.

Do you create allergen-free products such as gluten/ vegan?
Yes, Sauce Shed is able to accommodate special dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegan sauces.

What payment methods do you accept? Sauce Shed accepts payment by bank transfer or debit/credit card. Payment terms will be discussed and agreed upon during the onboarding process. You can download a credit application form from the partner portal

Can I visit the Sauce Shed facility?
Yes, you are welcome to visit the Sauce Shed facility by appointment. Please contact your Sauce Shed account manager to schedule a visit.

What is a HACCP plan?
A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan is a system that identifies potential hazards during the food production process and implements control measures to prevent or reduce the risk of those hazards. Sauce Shed creates a HACCP plan for each product to ensure that it meets food safety requirements.

What is shelf life testing?
Shelf life testing is a process of evaluating the quality and safety of a product over a specified period of time. Sauce Shed performs shelf life testing on all products to ensure that they meet food safety standards and have a suitable shelf life.

What is the process for re-ordering products?
To re-order your product, simply contact your Sauce Shed account manager with the details of your order. Your account manager will provide you with a quote and lead time for your re-order.

What is a SKU code?
A Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code is a unique identifier assigned to each product to track inventory and sales. Sauce Shed assigns a SKU code to each product to ensure that it can be easily identified and tracked.

What does it mean that Sauce Shed is SALSA approved? SALSA stands for Safe and Local Supplier Approval, which is a food safety standard that ensures that food suppliers are operating at a high level of food safety and legal compliance. Sauce Shed has been awarded the SALSA approval, which means that our facility, processes, and products have met the strict food safety standards set by the SALSA certification body.

Why is it important that Sauce Shed is SALSA approved? The SALSA approval gives our customers peace of mind that our facility, processes, and products meet the highest standards of food safety and legal compliance. This means that our customers can trust that their products are being produced in a safe and controlled environment, and that their products meet the legal requirements for food production. The SALSA approval is also recognised by many retailers, which can open up opportunities for our customers to sell their products in larger markets.