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At Sauce Shed, we're passionate about bringing the finest flavours to your table. Our team of award-winning chefs has spent years perfecting the art of sauce-making, and we're always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to elevate your dishes with bold and delicious sauces.

Founded by Olly and Dave, two chefs with a wealth of experience in the culinary world, Sauce Shed was born out of a desire to create custom sauces for small and medium-scale artisan producers. Since then, we've grown into a full-service sauce manufacturer, with a fully accredited, SALSA-audited production facility and an award-winning development team.

We believe in using only the highest quality ingredients and production processes to bring you the best possible products. Whether you're a small producer looking to bring your own sauce line to market, or a larger company in need of a reliable and creative sauce supplier, we're here to help.

In addition to our sauce-making expertise, we also offer a range of support services to help our clients succeed, including shelf life testing, barcode and nutritional information supply, and in-house fulfillment. Plus, with our partnerships in web development, social media management, and content creation, we have the expertise to help you take your brand to the next level.

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the founders

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
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There is no substitute for hard work.
Olly, also known as Chilli Olly, is a qualified and respected executive chef with a passion for entrepreneurship. In addition to his successful career in the culinary world, Olly is the owner of the brand Chilli Olly and the peanut butter company Nutty Professor, and is the co-founder of Sauce Shed. Before starting these ventures, Olly owned a chain of seven award-winning pubs and restaurants, and has a wealth of experience in the food and drink industry. In his free time, Olly enjoys experimenting with new flavours and pushing the culinary envelope.

Dave, the chef behind Chilli Pepper Perrett and co-founder of Sauce Shed, has over 25 years of cooking experience and a particular love for all things spicy. As the owner of Chilli Pepper Perrett, Dave specializes in crafting unique and flavourful hot sauces, and at Sauce Shed, he works with a team of like-minded sauce enthusiasts to bring the heat to home cooks everywhere. In addition to his culinary skills, Dave is also an approachable and fun-loving guy who enjoys spending time in the kitchen and with friends.